Disclosure log

Please see below for an archive of our monthly disclosure logs. Our disclosure log contains a list of information which has been requested by the public which is not already available through our publication scheme. The log lists all the requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act that we have received, listed by year and month. For each request shown we have withheld the details of the original applicant and there may be cases where we have also removed the personal details of third parties and withheld information exempted or excepted according to the Freedom of Information Act or Environmental Information Regulations.


Disclosure logs 2020/2021:

Disclosure logs 2019/2020:

Disclosure logs 2018/2019

Disclosure logs 2017/2018

Disclosure logs 2016/2017

Disclosure logs 2015/2016

Disclosure logs 2014/2015

Disclosure logs 2013/2014

If you want to make a Freedom of Information request email: foi.ghccg@greaterhuddersfieldccg.nhs.uk Or visit our Freedom of Information page.