Engagement and consultation

We are committed to ensuring that our delivery of engagement and consultation meets the needs of our local population. Our Patient Engagement and Experience Strategy sets out the CCG’s principles for engagement and consultation, our approach to working with local people and the process we will follow.

When planning or buying local health services, we must take the views of local people, patients and carers, as well as the people who represent them into account.


Engagement is the act of gathering views in order to understand a view of something. It is usually part of a listening exercise about a service. Each year, we run a number of activities designed to encourage local people to have their say about future health services.

Engagement describes the continuing and ongoing process of developing relationships and partnerships, so that the voice of local people and partners is heard and that our plans are shared at the earliest possible stages.

We are working hard to include people in the shaping of local health services. We want to do this because it helps us to make sure we are improving our services in ways that meet your needs. It is really important for us to hear people’s comments, ideas and suggestions about ways in which we can make services better.


Consultation is the formal process and takes place after an engagement. Formal consultation describes the statutory requirement imposed on NHS bodies to consult with overview and scrutiny committees (OSCs), patients, the public and stakeholders when considering a proposal for a substantial development of the health service, or for a substantial variation in the provision of a service.

Formal consultation is carried out if a change is ‘significant’. This is determined where the proposal or plan is likely to have a substantial impact.

The outcome of a formal consultation must be reported to the Governing Body in public, along with the feedback received. The CCG must be able to demonstrate views have been taken into account as part of any recommendations and/or decision making.


See the lists on the right for more details about specific engagement and consultation activities.

Projects planned for 2017/18

  • Care Closer to Home: Locala podiatry formal consultation.
  • Finance and Recovery: Greater Huddersfield CCG will continue to engage people as part of ‘Talk Health’.
  • West Yorkshire and Harrogate Sustainability and Transformation Programme (STP): There will be further engagement and possible formal consultation on Stroke services.
  • Right Care, Right Time, Right Place: Travel and Transport Working Group and Reference Group
  • Care Homes: Engagement to identify how GP services can best support care homes will continue throughout 2017.
  • MSK musculoskeletal services: We will be looking at how we can manage services such as pain management.
  • Primary Care: access to primary care, improvements to primary care estates.

Governing Body Meetings

It is important to us that we are open and transparent in the way that we conduct business and so we hold a number of our Governing Body meetings in public. We would like to welcome you to come along and observe and listen to the discussions and to see how decisions are made by the Governing Body members.

Members of the public are invited to submit questions on any subject relating to matters on the Governing Body meeting agenda. Questions need to be received by the CCG’s Governance Lead by 5pm two days before the meeting. Questions should be sent in writing to the Governance Lead at:

NHS Greater Huddersfield CCG
Bradley Business Park
Dyson Wood Way
Huddersfield HD2 1GZ

Questions can also be submitted via email to: Contactus@greaterhuddersfieldccg.nhs.uk

We put details (date, time and venue) of Governing Body meetings on the events section of this website (see the top menu) and we post details on social media about a week before the meeting. For further information about Governing Body members, meetings, papers and agendas please click on the Governing Body tab at the top of this page.


The Calderdale, Kirklees, Wakefield and Barnsley TCP plans focus on developing quality community services with crisis response teams to support people with a learning disability and/or autism. More information here.

Annual Statement of Involvement

Every year we produce a report on all our engagement and consultation activity. The Annual Statement of Involvement is received at our Annual AGM. The statement provides information on all the local work we have delivered over the past year. More information here.

Ongoing engagement and consultation


There are no engagement activities or consultations taking place at this time

Past engagement activities and reports of findings





  • Additional funding to increase the number of routine and urgent appointments. This consultation closed on 6 November and the report of findings will be accessible here as soon as it is available. More details about the consultation in this news item.
  • NHS England prescribing consultation. NHS England partnered with NHS Clinical Commissioners to support CCGs in ensuring that they can use their prescribing resources effectively and deliver best patient outcomes from the medicines that their local population uses. This consultation closed on 21 October 2017 – more details about the consultation on the NHS England website.
  • Podiatry consultation. The public consultation about possible changes to podiatry services in Kirklees ended on 11 August 2017. As the provider of these services, Locala Community Partnerships delivered the consultation. Visit Locala’s website here to find out more. Locala has produced this Report of Findings from the podiatry consultation.
  • Engagement report detailing the findings from the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Stroke Services initial conversations.