Details about the CCG’s past engagement and consultation activity, and what we have done with what you have told us.

Our CCG receives a huge amount of feedback from local people – including compliments and complaints about services, views expressed during consultation and engagement activities, feedback from patient groups and representatives, and a host of informal methods as well.

This feedback gives us a huge resource of useful information – it helps us to know when the local NHS is getting things right, when we get things wrong, and where we might be able to improve the experience of people using local services.

On this page we have set out some of the key pieces of feedback we have heard, and how the CCG responded during 2019/20.

Wheelchair services – 2017 – 2020

We asked you to tell us about your experience of using wheelchair services.

You told us that the service needed to be improved.

We worked with services users, carers, voluntary sector and key stakeholders to develop a new service specification. And set up a service user group to help us during the procurement process to appoint a new provider.

We asked service users to tell us about their experience of being involved in the development of the service, they told us

Nook Group Practice engagement and consultation – spring and autumn 2019

We told you that the contract for The Nook Group Practice was due to end on March 2020 and that we were looking for a new provider.

We asked you how you would feel if we were unable to find a new provider and your current practice were to close and you had to register with a different practice

You told us you would be concerned about travelling further to access GP services and whether a new practice could provide the same level of care. You wanted to keep your practice in Salendine Nook as it was convenient and you were happy with the service

We listened to what you had told us and we have selected Fieldhead Surgery to provide GP services at Salendine Nook from 1 April 2020. The practice will be called Nook Surgery.

NHS Long Term Plan and Kirklees Operational Plan event – spring 2019

We asked you what you thought about the NHS services that you receive and how they could be improved.

You told us


We listened to what you had told us and we used your feedback to help develop our joint operational plan 19/20.

More information about the work we have done to respond positively to the feedback we receive can be found elsewhere on this website – you can view our latest annual Consultation and Engagement Annual Review here. Reports from previous years are available on our Engagement reports page, and you can also view our latest Annual Report 2018/19 which sets out our engagement activity in that year (pages 41-42).

Reports of findings from previous engagement and consultation activity