The NHS has started to offer the COVID-19 vaccine to people most at risk from coronavirus.  The vaccine is currently being offered in a few hospital ‘hubs’ but it will be available more widely and at other locations soon.

We know lots of people will be eager to get protected but you will be invited for a vaccine when it’s your turn so you don’t need to contact your GP practice or the NHS.  The vaccine is being offered in line with guidance from the Joint Committee for Vaccinations and Immunisations.

This will be the largest vaccination programme in the history of the NHS and you can really help us to deliver it to those that need it most by doing the following:

  • Don’t contact the NHS to seek a vaccine – we will contact you when it’s the right time.
  • When we do contact you, act immediately and make sure you attend your appointments.
  • Continue to follow all the guidelines – hand hygiene and social distancing in particular – to control the virus and save lives.

Please keep washing your hands regularly, wear a face covering in enclosed spaces and maintain social distancing wherever possible to protect yourself and your family from the coronavirus.

For more information about the vaccine, please visit