A local patient recommends GP online services

Alan Barlow, who lives in the village of Upperthong near Holmfirth, took early retirement from his job as a trainer in the construction industry after suffering a heart attack over five years ago.

alan using a tablet computer

Even though Alan is feeling well and keeping healthy, he takes daily heart medication and needs regular checks with his GP. He told us;

“I can use the online system to order my medication at any time and I don’t even need to remember the names and dosages of the individual items as they are all detailed on my ‘prescribed medication’ page. I can also check when my medication is due to be assessed by logging on and viewing my personal patient record.”

Alan is used to accessing online services but he understands how some people may find it a bit daunting. He said;

“I’m sure people will find the various online services really useful and accessing them is very straightforward. If you don’t have a computer, tablet or smartphone but have a friend or relative who does, maybe they can help? You just need the username and the password that the surgery gives you and you’re ready to go.”


Be Online Logo (dark blue)

The ‘Be Online’ campaign is aimed at people who want to get online but who need help to get started. The campaign is being supported by Learn My Way, an online learning platform full of courses, resources and tools to help people do everything from learn the basics of using email and online searches, to finding digital tools to help them find work, improve their health (including accessing GP online services) and manage their money.

The learning course is at: www.learnmyway.com

GP online services

Online booking and prescriptions for GP practices in Kirklees

You can now book (or cancel) appointments and renew your prescriptions at a time to suit you, thanks to GP online services.

You don’t have to call or visit the practice, simply access services via your computer, smartphone or tablet – whenever or wherever it’s convenient for you. You can also download an app for smartphones or tablets which gives you the same access as the website. For more details about the app, ask at your practice or visit their website. The websites of all the member practices in the Greater Huddersfield area can be reached here.

Accessing services online has other benefits too. If you’re living with a long-term health condition such as diabetes, you can have greater involvement in your healthcare by being able to access test results and keep track of your treatment online.

Online services work alongside traditional methods of accessing GP services. Having the option for people to access services in this way makes it easier for others to get through on the phone to their practice during busy periods.

If you’d like to register for GP online services you’ll need to fill out a form at your practice and you may be asked for two forms of ID, one of which should have a photo (such as a UK passport or driving licence) and the other should have your address (such as a council tax bill). This is to make sure that you only see your record and not someone else’s.

For more information about GP online services visit the NHS website here.

Changes to repeat prescription ordering

From 1 April 2017, pharmacies and suppliers of medical appliances will not be able to order medicines on your behalf. More details here.


NHS England has produced a series of videos about GP online services, previously known as ‘patient online’. Three of the videos are featured below but more are available on YouTube.

There’s also a clip from the Al Mubarak radio show on 28 September 2016 which featured GP online services.

The Swan Practice in Buckingham started offering online test results to their patients in August 2015.

How GP online services have enabled Hugh, who is registered blind, to manage his health conditions better.

Kim, who already books appointments and orders his repeat prescriptions online, is looking forward to being able to see his detailed GP records.

The Al Mubarak radio show on 28 September 2016 featured an interview with Practice Support Pharmacist, Rizwana Anwar, who discussed the benefits of GP online services and explained how people can register.