Personal health budgets

What is a Personal Health Budget (PHB)?
A PHB is an amount of money to support your identified health and well-being needs, which is planned and agreed between you (or someone who represents you) and your local NHS team. PHBs are a way to give individuals more choice and control. It is not new money, but it may mean spending health funding differently so that you can get the care that you need.  An NHS PHB works in a similar way to a personal budget from the Council which allows people to manage and pay for their social care needs.

Managing your PHB:
A PHB can be managed in one of three ways or a combination of these.

  1. Direct payment for healthcare

You (or your representative) get the money to buy the care and support you that and your NHS team have agreed you need. You must show what you have spent your PHB on.

  1. Notional budget

No money changes hands. You find out how much money is available for your assessed needs and, with your NHS team, you decide on how to spend that money. They will then arrange the agreed care and support.

  1. Third party budget

An organisation legally independent of both you and the NHS holds the money for you, pays for and arranges the care and support agreed in your care plan.

Who can currently get a Continuing Healthcare (CHC) Personal Health Budget (PHB)?
If you are an adult or child eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) funding or a joint funded package of care, a PHB allows you to manage your health care and support in a way that suits you. Individuals eligible for NHS CHC Fast Track funding are also entitled to a PHB. NHS England have instructed that PHBs are the default model of delivering NHS CHC funded home care packages.

Please note that the introduction of a PHB will not delay starting your care package.

If you would like to discuss a Continuing Healthcare PHB further please contact the Continuing Healthcare PHB team:

01924 504961

Additional resources
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