Our performance

by | Jul 25, 2017

NHS England has introduced a new CCG Improvement and Assessment Framework (IAF) to replace the NHS England CCG assurance framework. The new IAF came into effect from 1 April 2016.

The new CCG IAF is about better reflecting what matters most to local communities as CCGs carry on their work to implement the Five Year Forward View and maintain high standards for patients and is intended to embed a ‘triple aim’ in how CCGs work with NHS England:

  • improving the health and well-being of the whole population
  • better quality for all patients, through care redesign
  • better value for taxpayers in a financially sustainable system.

From 2016/17 our CCG will receive an annual overall assessment. We will be given one of four ratings which are consistent with those used by the Care Quality Commission (CQC); outstanding, good, requires improvement or inadequate. In addition, CCGs will also be subject to an initial baseline assessment which will be based on our achievement in six clinical priority areas:

  • cancer
  • dementia
  • diabetes
  • learning disabilities
  • maternity
  • mental health.


CCG Scorecard – how we are doing

The CCG Scorecard includes 60 metrics over four domains: Better Health; Better Care; Sustainability and Leadership. You can view how our CCG is performing in each of these areas on the My NHS website.

The year-end assessment for 2016/17 rated our CCG as ‘Requires Improvement’.